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Who We Are

HUB Customer Central (HCC) is one of the leading insurance contact centres in Canada

We're part of HUB International, recognized as the 5th largest insurance brokerage in the world with a network of 12,000 employees in more than 475 offices across North America.

We also own two brokerages, HUB SmartCoverage and HUB Insurance Hunter, which both work with some of Canada’s biggest insurance companies and have satisfied customers with competitive rates and outstanding service for years. In other words, we know the business.

HCC believes companies win by putting the customer first. You win, by working with us. Team members work daily to satisfy the needs of our insurance clients. Our technology-driven and digital expertise is unique, making us an industry leader. And, our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement ensures we are always at the top of our game. That’s why you will be too.

What We Offer

Paid training

We offer paid and specialized training on how to become a Registered Insurance Broker in Ontario (RIBO). You will be guided through a 3-week RIBO licensing course before writing your exam.

Broker licensing

Now that you're licensed, you will be able to sell general home and auto insurance and provide support for your client’s needs. You’ll be paid a base salary plus commission and bonuses.

Continual learning

HCC knows training doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. That’s why we'll give you day-to-day support and encourage your professional career growth with an eye on the long game.

Why choose HUB Customer Central?

Ask our team

We have cyclists, hockey players, campers, movie buffs, musicians, artists, computer geeks and every other kind of person. That’s because we know it takes all kinds to build a strong team.

"We all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but when we come together here, I’m genuinely friends with the people I work with because we share the same goals. HCC helps us attain those goals."

— Merin Mathew, Sales Broker

"HCC is a family. I’ve met some great people here and there’s a lot of room for growth and opportunity. I love how they give back to community and get involved in local events such as Corporate Challenge."

— Catherine Khoury, Service Broker

"To me HCC presents a great opportunity to work for a company that’s heavily focused on community and giving back to the Windsor-Essex County area. It makes me really proud to be an employee."

— Dale Rukas, Senior Broker

"One of the most fulfilling aspect of my job is seeing team members grow and develop as individuals within our business. Many talented, hardworking people have been promoted within the company. As Canada’s largest insurance broker, we have many opportunities to help them grow professionally and have meaningful, fulfilling careers."

Tina Osen, President of HUB International Canada

Get in Touch!

HUB Customer Central is located at 3600 Rhodes Dr. in Windsor. Send us an email or call 519-945-4943 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. We’d be delighted to speak with you about becoming part of the HCC team.

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